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Meet Dr. Dima Lakkis

photo of dr. lakkis

Hi, I’m Dr. Lakkis! I am a periodontist, specialized in gum disease and implants. I received my Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree with honors in 2006. After completing dental school, I completed specialty training in Periodontics along with a Masters of Science degree at Case Western Reserve University. During my training, I learned the art and science of periodontics and implantology from some of the best periodontists in the country.

I am a fellow in the American Academy of Periodontology. I would love to give the best to all our patients utilizing all the technological advances that we are lucky to have today. I love dentistry because I believe it's a summary of art, science and ethics, and that's what makes it special! I also believe that Periodontology is a significant part of overall systemic health. I recently published an article in the Journal of Periodontology highlighting this relation.

I am constantly following up with my Continuing Education and I always take the chance of attending courses and seminars that would keep me updated with all the knowledge and dental technical advances. I would love to be involved in drawing the smiles on everybody's faces!

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