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Meet Dr. Linda Wu

photo of dr. wu

Hi, I’m Dr. Wu! Welcome to our practice. I love the trust that has developed between my patients and myself. I hope to develop a long-term relationship with each patient to treat their dental needs throughout their life. As my patients grow and age, I want to be there to provide them with the latest options that are available in dentistry. I also enjoy the excitement and satisfaction that cosmetic dentistry can provide to patients who long for a healthier, more beautiful smile!

Before I became a dentist, I received my BA in 1987 and my DDS in 1990, both from Georgetown University. Since graduating from dental school I have worked solely at our practice! Since I’ve been here 20 years, I’ve had the chance to feel like a part of our community.

My profession has given me the unique opportunity to see people from all ethnic backgrounds. Our staff and patients are from all around the world! Getting to know great people from many different countries has taught me that although each person is different, we can all find things in common! My profession has also taught me that all people, no matter their ethnic, religious and geographic backgrounds, deserve the highest quality care and treatments that will improve their overall health.

I believe keeping ahead of the technology, materials and procedures greatly benefits my patients because I can offer them the best treatment that is available today. That is why I am constantly enrolled in continuing education in various phases of dentistry. I choose to participate in continuing education courses and events because I enjoy learning about new materials, procedures and technology. I am always incorporating knowledge that I receive from the experts into the everyday office life.

Patients can look forward to being treated like family in our practice. We pride ourselves in the way our staff is trained to treat our patients with respect and courtesy that everyone deserves to be treated.

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